On June 16, 2012, LayZee, the former frontman of the band “Mr. President”, came to Ukraine to present his songs to the Ukrainian audience. The party was held in the club “Picasso” in Lviv. Coincidentally, that was the very day of the 15th anniversary of the club, which was a good reason for the girls from Mirami and their German friend to...


The girls from Mirami are going to present their new video for the song "Summer Dreams". With this video, which is the third one in their video collection, the girls are going to greatly surprise their fans. LayZee, the world-famous front man of the band Mr. President, has been invited to co-star in the video!


A few weeks ago, Tania, Julia, Oksana, and their team made a foreign trip to Spain and France with the aim of shooting the scenes for the two new videos. In the company of Volodymyr Shurubura, the director of the videos, the girls got a wonderful chance to visit the most beautiful places in Europe.




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