In spite of being released in the late summer of 2010, Mirami's song "Sexualna" is still enjoying huge popularity. It was another portion of great news for the girls to get to know how many times the video for this song has been viewed on their official channel on YouTube (MiramiVEVO's Channel). It is quite difficult to believe — the video has...


For Mirami, the year of 2011 has proven to be enormously fruitful and full of remarkable achievements. In this very year, the band’s songs came onto the European market, having conquered the love of the Poles and the Czechs in the blink of an eye.


After their debut video for "Sexualna", the Mirami band shot a futuristic video for their new song "Miramimania". This video will show the band's fans how Miramimania was emerging, growing strong, and spreading across the world.




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